Pharma Transformation



  • Engaged by Product Supply leadership to strengthen existing launched journey
  • 8000 employees in 5 countries
  • Project Definition and Leadership Sponsorship identified as key areas for improvement
  • Must deliver promise to fund R&D with 20% COGS reduction

Initial State

  • Leadership engagement in improvement not consistently structured, resulting in many started, yet not completed improvements
  • Project scoping often too wide or too narrow with low investment in pre-improvement definition of key issues
  • Improvement Team Leaders not sufficiently supported and focused on execution
  • Top leadership well aligned on the context of the need for change


Key Elements Implemented


  • Focus on Leadership Sponsorship driven by hands-on, pharmaco specific simulations and coaching to impact mindsets and behavior
  • Support of Mfg Dev and R&D with Quality by Design to reduce cycle time and investments
  • On-site, frequent interation coaching during the entire improvement life cycle from definition to sustainabilty
  • Support for most challenging quality challenges in operations, leveraging data and structured analysis


  • Achievement of the COGS target ahead of plan
  • Organizational pull for further improvements resulted in achieving 150% of the original target
  • Leadership sessions generated significant organizational pull and are sold out 6 months in advance with waiting list
  • A pool of over 250 highly capable, deeply skilled problem
  • Customer feedback, “I treasure our talks that always inspire me to question and challenge…You always leave me feeling I can grow.”
  • Leaders proactively define and prioritize problems and improvement opportunities, reducing/postponing investments and planning further performance in quality, cost and on time delivery as part of the annual planning process

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