Discover Your Operations Team Potential
Diagnose and Execute Profit Increasing Performance Improvements in Quality, Cost, Agility - - -year after year
Operational Performance is the Key to Prosperity
Achieve improvement in your Operations with absolute certainty! We help your team Assess, Design and Deliver Performance Management from the C Suite to the front lines.
Structured Problem Solving that Delivers Fast Results
Financial results which reinforce the mindsets and behaviors and the technical capabilities of your team; creating an army of problem solvers.
Lean Six Sigma
A structured approach to increase the flow of Value to the Customer with less variation and waste Yet most fail to sustain the gains Learn why.
Quality by Design/Design for Six Sigma
Training and Coaching to deliver Breakthrough Product and Process Design. Find out why many consider QbD their greatest lever to reduce total lifetime costs.

Unleash the Potential in Your Operations Team

At infinitas, we are passionate about helping our clients to see and realize the hidden potential in their operations.  We have helped over 8,000 executives, managers and project leaders in 37 countries to (re)discover – with fresh eyes – and deliver operational performance improvements and increased profits.

If you are serious about improving operational performance, we can help you:

  • Engage your Team to Discover potential in your value streams, your people, your financials and customers.

  • Transform your Operations with Performance Management that really works  Over 95% of Performance Management fails. It does not have to happen to you.

  • Perf Board UpdatingSustain future gains by Developing  Problem Solvers. Our coaching and training will help you develop a team of capable problem solvers – who will deliver cultural change and results as they learn…..and for many years to come.

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