Value Stream Enterprise-Wide Transformations

Whether between enterprises or within, large scale transformations require extraordinary planning and preparation.

Example 1

When a Shingo Award winning VP was unsure on how to best help his Supply Chain team reach the next level, he engaged in several telcons with our team to explore his situation.  Our team provided advice on options and expertise to design the necessary next steps for changing mindsets and behaviors, while providing the necessary data and analysis skills.

Example 2

When a new CEO stepped into a global organization facing bankruptcy and needed to mobilize the entire organization to drive major changes in quality, cost, safely and on time delivery,  our team provided a cascaded,  information board  driven infrastructure delivering several hundred  million $ positive EBITDA .

Example 3

A CEO envisioned better cross functional teamwork as a key opportunity to unlock the hidden value in his organization, but was unsure how to unlock this potential.  Our team provided leadership training and coaching, enabling a 26 year old to work with VP’s in Production and Logistics, securing over €100K monthly financial benefits.  Leveraging the power of value stream mapping, this young man went on to repeat this achievement in multiple locations around the globe.

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