Operational and Technical Problem Solving

These short-term quality, capacity, delivery  opportunities typically have a focused scope.

Example 1

Customer complaints and a regulatory  warning around product  performance led to a large recall and delivery stop.  Our team provided data based analysis  to uncover and eliminate the root cause to the satisfaction of the customers and regulatory authorities.

Example 2

Due to issues at a competitor’s factory, customer orders increased 40% during the Christmas holidays for this “fully loaded” factory.  Our team provided planning, analysis and facilitation for a weeklong cross functional kaizen team  to identify potential  and go on to execute short term (under 90 days) improvements which increased output 40% without the need for additional capital investment.

Example 3

Late upstream deliveries were resulting in downstream delivery delays to the end customer, exorbitant express freight costs and  late delivery penalties.  Our team provided  value stream mapping and improvement which addressed the time traps, restoring normal on-time delivery.

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