Securing Engagement


infinitas’s Transformation TurboTM enables clients, independent of sector, to follow a structured approach for executing a conscious step-change in the performance of the organization, that will penetrate its very heart.

Our diagnostic, relevant for clients at any stage in the improvement journey, compares current performance with measurable levels of potential and highlights tangible gaps in operating system, management infrastructure and mindsets/behaviors. We use a range of tools that include benchmarking, study tours, and best practice sharing to build vision and belief in “what is possible”. The key output of this phase is a structured deployment plan, with timescales and accountabilities, that engages the client’s own resources in making the change happen.

Leaders must act as “role models”
Transformation nearly always requires significant changes in leadership behaviours. We coach senior leaders and help them to set the behavioural example for the rest of the organization to follow. We take a hands-on approach to implementation to show what is possible and to navigate around the obstacles on the journey. Mindsets are an often overlooked and hidden element of performance improvement. Making mindsets transparent and understood is a key first leadership responsibility in persuading people to change.

The client needs the capabilities to lead from the front
Teams must understand the “why” for change as well the goal. Teams must be capable of making the change happen so we provide hands-on coaching…to build soft as well as technical skills. Middle managers play pivotal roles in transformation. We coach them to interpret their new roles and convert direction in to meaningful action and outcomes. We help them to role model and apply their technical know how in the right way

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