Leading Operational Diagnostics

Whether for annual performance target setting, due diligence, headroom assessments or improving even more the results of your continuous improvement efforts, our “fresh eyes” bring data insights and inspire.

Example 1

When a SVP was faced with more projects than execution capacity and disappointing project execution results, our team supported with a comprehensive assessment  building on customer, value stream and  financial data.  This plan enabled envisioning and consequently achieving successful project execution never before considered possible.

Example 2

While contemplating several acquisitions, a CEO asked our support to make transparent the value levers of integration and  estimate the potential in markets , production and administration.  Armed with this information, several poor candidates were avoided and a high value candidate was identified.

Example 3

After aligning on the “what” elements of a new strategic plan, leadership was not clear “how” to to proceed.  We provided a comprehensive path “how” to execute the new strategy and ongoing support for a successful execution.

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