Developing Expert Problem Solvers

Tonny Mellergaard Sørensen Improvement Expert

Global Pharmaceutical Company, Denmark

Lean Six Sigma Training and Coaching

The infinitas team has supported our organization for over 6 years, helping develop improvement experts like myself and supporting our leadership to harvest the most value from continuous improvement.

The mindset, quality and performance benefits to our organization were evident from the completion of the first 6 month project. The longer term benefits of the organization embarking on an endless journey of continuous improvement are much greater. Our first effort to document the production process revealed numerous significant shortcomings in our internal capabilities. The systematic improvement of these weaknesses is not regularly integrated into our operating strategy and followed as part of business as usual.

The infinitas team brings both deep expertise in continuous improvement, as well as the ability to respectfully challenge our mindset and embark on a journey of never-ending improvement. The satisfaction and results from my work and the work of our teams has benefitted from the support of infinitas. I strongly recommend their approach and would be delighted to work with them again.

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