Delivering Operational Transformation


Whether the operational performance imperative is a positive one and top line sales growth dictates an increase in productivity, or a negative one where recession necessitates tighter cost control, we apply a range of methodologies and tools to capture the opportunity, however large. We do not focus solely on a “lean” tool set. Nor do we offer six sigma programs in isolation. We apply multiple approaches in combination but hold two core beliefs above all others;

1. Execution must be linked to strategy

The exact choice of excellence initiatives, their precise sequencing, resourcing, and timing must be grounded in the context of the company strategy in order to avoid frequently changing priorities. We work with top teams to architect a strong change story anchored in context that enables leadership to align and team members to engage. We work too to ensure an effective communication strategy is in place to maintain momentum and excitement.

2. Systems and structures need to be aligned

Significant change needs systems, infrastructure, governance, review processes and organizations that support the change. We work with you to adjust and develop these accordingly and to align them so that they drive towards the required outcome

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