We believe that successful performance improvement during tough times redefines industry winners and that this change can take place in different contexts. In today’s context, the likelihood of success is lower since most transformational efforts focus on “defensive” reactions to global crises. Furthermore, risks at every point in the journey are frequently exacerbated by a… Read More

Securing Engagement

infinitas’s Transformation TurboTM enables clients, independent of sector, to follow a structured approach for executing a conscious step-change in the performance of the organization, that will penetrate its very heart. Our diagnostic, relevant for clients at any stage in the improvement journey, compares current performance with measurable levels of potential and highlights tangible gaps in… Read More

Delivering Operational Transformation

Whether the operational performance imperative is a positive one and top line sales growth dictates an increase in productivity, or a negative one where recession necessitates tighter cost control, we apply a range of methodologies and tools to capture the opportunity, however large. We do not focus solely on a “lean” tool set. Nor do… Read More

Sustaining Performance Improvement

Sustaining improvement over the long term requires tenacity. However, 70% of initiatives concentrate purely on making improvements and fail to invest the time necessary to entrench change in the organization. We believe that the following conditions need to be met in order for change to stick; Leaders need to be  good role models to make the… Read More