Capacity Gains Without Capital Investment

Dietmar Kolb, Director Supply Chain Europe

Clopay, Germany – - – Value Stream Improvement

Before we engaged with the infinitas team on numerous occasions, our organization had traditionally not enjoyed success working with consultants. The infinitas team challenged our highly experienced team in a humble and respectful manner while providing our organization with sustainable new skills in the application of Lean Six Sigma.

My first grey hairs arrived when our operations faced an overnight 40% increase in customer orders due to a fire at a competitor’s factory. The infinitas team worked with our team of experts to imagine, plan and achieve a massive 35%+ increase in factory output, based on brainpower changes to the way we work, without capital investment.

The capabilities which the infinitas team provides in value stream improvement, in adopting a new mindset of never-ending improvement and in diagnosing team effectiveness with data have been key in my own personal career development and in the development of many of my colleagues. Reflecting on our work together, I do not believe we could have achieved this result without the support of the infinitas team.

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