Building Capability in Your People

Building capability is essential for change, in the C suite, in middle management and on the front lines.  Are you getting higher returns from capability building than from project results?

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After several years of success at one global company, Lean Six Sigma  execution results began to slow.  We provided a practical, hands on assessment in less than 2 weeks followed by leadership  training and coaching, demonstrating that improvements can grow each year in an endless cycle.

Example 2

A program manager was unsure about the future of her Lean Six Sigma program.  We were invited to spend less than a week in several meetings with a sample of 30 Sponsors and Belts.  We provided advice and support on several minor changes, which delivered major improvements in financial benefits, employee engagement and on time project delivery.

Example 3Updating  TIP

An ambitious leader envisioned a better future, but gaining organizational buy-in was not progressing successfully.  We worked to train and coach this leader and numerous members of his team, resulting in the launching of a journey to reach the better future.  Following results from the first journey, this manager was promoted to a Director role and went on to execute larger, pan-European and global projects successfully.

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